Which hosting would you suggest? 4k-5k visitors/month

A friend of mine wants to move to a better hosting provider. Currently at Hostgator’s VPS and not entirely happy with the performance. He says he gets disk usage error (I think they’re giving him 20GB or so) and the load time is around 4 seconds.
His site gets around 4-5000 visitors a month. The business is based in India (so a server located in the same region preferred).
Which hosting would you suggest? The budget he’s looking at is approximately $60 a month.
His site was hacked into a few months ago and doesn’t want the headache to deal with it on his own. So he’s factoring that in, although such incidents are one-off incidents, a host that can help clean the site is one of the factors he’s considering.

I was thinking Cloudways. How much RAM and processor would be needed for him? I can’t figure that out.


If he only gets 4-5000 visitors a month he really doesn’t need a VPS. Any shared hosting provider can handle that for him. I’m not familiar with any in India so I’ll let others chime in. I would say thou, evaluate that disk usage as well, I bet there’s a lot that can be cleaned up.

It’s too little for managed VPS service. You can get semi-managed service with setup and maintenance included but any support is a paid extra.
For example when providing such service I use GridPane as a control panel and DigitalOcean as a VPS provider. Message me directly if you are interested.
Btw, Cloudways is offering similar service and they are a big company.

http://www.cloudways.com would be a good choice with an easy to use control panel. You would need a separate email service to receive email (they make that easier to integrate to)

Kinsta has a GCP location in Mumbai. We also have a security guarantee that offers free malware removals if the infection takes place while hosted on Kinsta. 4-5K visitors/month would fall in the starter plan.

For that budget you can go with a good managed WP host or even sign up with a maintenance and support service that offers hosting as part of the package.
The key here is investing support, which you can given the budget.

I’d go with Flywheel for something like that, great support and security.it depends on how much these visitors are prepared to pay the owner of the website. Capacity wise 5000 per month is better served by good shared hosting.

Cheap hosting with caching plugin and free jet pack CDN is enough to Handel this amount traffic and maintain good speed.

If you really need high loading speed and wanna spend more then go with chemicloud, fastcomet or Hostinger Cloud hosting plan. First two have data center in India. But I personally think you should go with cheap hosting as because this is new site and visitors are very less as of now.

Another alternative is to connect it to Cloudflare and leverage its $5/mo APO feature, allowing full caching at the edge. It’s quite impressive.

Have just joined cloudways after moving from siteground, after moving from bluehost… Couldn’t sing their praises enough, cloudways is absolutely 10/10, Speed is very good and have WAF as well.

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