Recommend to host over 200 websites

Who do you all recommend to host over 200 websites. Some are large sites so we need a robust server that can handle the load and size of these sites.



Possible a dedicated server or high end VPS (basically with a dedicated server type of specs)

With that many sites you should consider a dedicated server or VPS. Or, depending on size and traffic, you may want to split these sites up into different hosting solutions.

If you’re willing to put in the leg work you could use one of the main cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Google, Linode, or DigitalOcean. I’m runner 600 sites across AWS and DigitalOcean at the moment. I chose these as I can adjust the infrastructure easily whenever needed.

I would recommend Kinsta ! I would host sites with low traffic and if they are mostly static on Litespeed hosting reseller and large demanding site on separate various VPS. Not good put all eggs into one basket…

With that many sites I wouldn’t recommend a blanket one size fits all solution.
Especially given that you’ve stated that the traffic makeups of the sites is widely disparate.
Where are the visitors for all of these sites from?
What’s the maximum amount of concurrent users do you have on any one site at a time?
Where are you currently hosting and what’s your migration pathway?
Are you managing DNS for these sites?
Do you need to also manage email hosting?
These are just a few of the questions I would be asking if I was starting down this path with you.
Alternatively you can go with any of the straight right hooks that have already been offered here.
You’re in a good place to do the necessary homework.
The due diligence is worth the effort.

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I am obviously not impartial here as I work for – but we have agencies hosting hundred of sites with success where they separate each site to their own VPS. This provides security and isolation, but you need to have SLA/upgrade agreements with clients in order to keep things updated and be somewhat confident managing VPS servers. I would be wary of shared-hosting in this scenario, in any case. Maybe as a minimum split out the most “valuable” sites to VPS servers and then have the remainder on a shared-host type setup.


Been with – satisfied. Incredible 24/7 support via Slack. Fastest hosting I’ve ever tried. They offer really good deals for agencies and I know that they can handle A LOT of traffic. I’ve also seen their recent offer: 1-day migration and they’ll migrate you back for free if you’re unhappy. Could be a good solution for you.